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NBA 2019 trade deals are already started with New Orleans Pelicans trading Anthony Davis with Los Angeles Lakers. The important thing this time is that NBA trade deals are not just limited to draft pick up, a lot of players are also turning to free agency. Most of the big teams have enough cap space to get contracts, while they are also other ways to open up their purse.

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As the top performers of NBA 2018-19 have turned free agents, a lot of talent is up for the sale. Here are the top free agents in NBA 2019 and the possible team which could trade with them.

Kevin Durant in New York Knicks

Kevin Durant in NY Knicks NBA free agency 2019

Kevin Durant announced his status as a free agent in the beginning, which inspired others to follow. Durant was the main reason Golden State Warriors reached the finals and would have won too if not for his injury. Even though Kevin Durant went under surgery, he should be back on the basketball field by next NBA season. It is why the New York Knicks are hell-bent on having Kevin Durant in their team as a major performance boost.

Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles Clippers

Kawhi Leonard in LA Clippers NBA free agency 2019

Kawhi Leonard was an unknown name before the NBA 2018-19 playoffs, but his demands skyrocketed when he was named MVP of the finals. It was Leonard, who took Toronto Raptors to the finals and assured their final victory. There are many rumors and hints from his sister, that Kawhi Leonard is moving onto Los Angeles Clippers.

Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets NBA free agency 2019

Kyrie Irving, had amazing stats in the NBA 2018-19 season, although his team Boston Celtics didn’t perform that well. He is eyed by the top teams, as no one in NBA wants his talent to go waste. Brooklyn Nets is the top name in the race, where Kyrie Irving could play next.

Other Top trade-ups

Other Top Players to change team NBA free agency 2019

Apart from the top 3 NBA star players, there are a lot of names in the last NBA season who had exceptional performance. Most of them would try their luck in the free agency for better future deals. Here are the other players who could turn a free agent in the summer 2019 NBA season.

  • Khris Middleton
  • Kemba Walker
  • Clint Capela
  • Jimmy Butler
  • Chris Paul
  • Klay Thompson
  • D’Angello Russel