New York Knicks Kevin Durant

The New York Knicks are totally looking for new players to improve their performance for the next NBA season. Despite being at the top in terms of earnings, the Knicks had one of the worse performance in the NBA 2018-19 season. The free agency is only a few days away, and the Knicks are prepared to make some big trade and exchange deals.

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Kevin Durant, the NBA star player for Golden State Warriors, is one of the top names in the free agency. Durant’s plans of free agency might be in trouble because of his recent injury, where he is suffering from Achilles Tendon. Despite his injury, the New York Knicks are eyeing for Durant.

Kevin Durant Recovery Timeline

Kevin Durant Recovery Timeline

Kevin Durant was injured during the fifth final game between Warriors and Raptors and had to leave the game in between. After his MRI report, it was revealed that the 30-year-old NBA star player had ruptured his Achilles Tendon. Although Durant had undergone surgery, his recovery timeline is still not clear. Some NBA players after such injury have taken years to recover, while some were fit within a few months.

Despite no guaranty that when will Kevin Durant will be back on the basketball court, the management of the New York Knicks has decided to book him. The Knicks are considering that Durant might not play the summer NBA season, but he will recover before the next NBA 2019-20 final season.

New York Knicks Draft Picks

New York Knicks Draft

The Knicks are also planning to get the 2019 NBA finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard, to join their team. At the same time, they are also trying to pursue the New Orleans Pelicans to trade Anthony Davis with them, instead of the LA Lakers. The New York Knicks currently have enough money cap for two major contracts.

Also, the Knicks team currently ranks third at the NBA draft pick this season. If they somehow manage to get Kevin Durant, other big names might also be lured towards them, as it promises better prospects and performance.