Kevin Durant injury

The moment that Kevin Durant left the court with an Achilles injury in Game 5, it was undoubtedly a sad moment from a sportsman perspective. But even more so, it was an important moment that would shape the summers of many clubs that wished to land the Warriors man on a free agency, and it was a crucial moment that could have a big impact on Durant’s career.

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Kevin Durant Injury

An Injury that changes everything

The questions on Durant’s free agency have been asked all season. Kevin Durant was, before the injury, expected to leave the Warriors, who hadn’t won the NBA for a decade, for greener pastures.

But now, thanks to that harsh Achilles injury, it is speculated that Durant may not even get to play in the next season. An undoubtedly harsh blow, it also raises questions as to whether he will ever be the same player again.

Before his injury, the New York Knicks were the favorites to land Durant. The Los Angeles Clippers and the Brooklyn Nets were in the race as well.

The injury changes things, of course. Will teams be willing to tie up as much as $200 million on a player that won’t return till he’s 32, and possibly never play at the same high levels again? Common sense suggests such an investment would not be wise.

What now for Durant?

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What remains now is for Durrant to make his decision. Speculation so far suggests that the Warriors man will opt to choose his player option for the upcoming season, which will guarantee him a $31.5 million pay while he works on his rehab. The only way that the Knicks, or any other team, goes in for the free agency deal for Durrant is if the deal is heavily injury protected.