NBA trade news Kawhi Leonard Los Angeles Lakers

Kawhi Leonard, who made the Toronto Raptors win their first ever NBA finals, has become the most wanted player this season. Kawhi was also named the MVP of NBA 2019 finals, and his stats turned out amazing. Now there are reports coming that, the 27-year-old American NBA player might change his team in the next NBA season.

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Most of the reports state that Kawhi might leave the Raptors behind for a bigger name. It is not even a week, and the rumors are getting stronger that Kawhi Leonard might move back to the states and join Los Angeles Lakers. The rumor started to spread when his sister, Miesha Slayton has been constantly hinting about his brother, Leonard changing his NBA team.

Kawhi Leonard in LA Lakers

NBA trade news Kawhi Leonard Los Angeles Lakers Even before the NBA 2019 finals, there were hints that Kawhi Leonard might not stay long with Toronto Raptors and move up. The rumors first started when his sister Slayton shared a video on Instagram about her group celebrating Raptor’s win over the Milwaukee Bucks to enter the NBA 2019 Finals. During the live IG video, one could easily hear a voice in the background say, ‘They know darn well he ain’t gonna be there next year.’

While it wasn’t enough, recently a popular Instagram poll asked a question, whether Kawhi Leonard should join the Lakers next year? It was liked by Slayton, further indicating that the rumors of Kawhi joining LA Lakers are indeed true.

Replacements of LeBron James

NBA trade news Kawhi Leonard Los Angeles Lakers

Ever since the reports of LeBron James retiring from Los Angeles Lakers the team has been trying hard to stay relevant. LA Lakers are constantly trying to find replacements for LeBron, and so far is eyeing for a new age trio. The Lakers were quick enough to trade Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans.

Their next target is Kemba Walker and the team might finally have the push it needs. Leonard, Davis, and Walker are the big three names that could change the fate of LA Lakers next NBA season.