NBA finals 2019 prize money Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors

NBA finals 2019 just came to a conclusion with Toronto Raptors finally defeating Golden State Warriors to win their first trophy. The sixth match in the finals turned out to be the last, with a 4-2 win for Raptors. Along with the winning team, every other detail is also out. NBA prize money was also distributed, which is a bit different from other games.

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How much money did the winners and runners up get? Here are all the details about the distribution of prize money for NBA 2019 finals.

Toronto Raptors Winner Prize

NBA Finals 2019 prize money worth

The Toronto Raptors maintained their lead of 3-1 and finally defeated the Durant-less Warriors to win their first ever NBA trophy. NBA prize money is put into a pool, and every team receives a part of it based on their performance. Last year, the total money in the pot was 20 million, which has been increased to $22 million this year.

Every team participating gets a share from it as payout and the bonus is divided equally into all team members. As per the calculations, the total pool money of Raptors after winning the finals has become $5.1 million. It has made each individual player get an equal share of $366,666 to take home.

Top Earning Players and Teams

earning NBA 2019

While the NBA teams just get a share from the pot, the salary earned by individual players is very much higher. The Top players like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant earn around $30 million to $40 million per year. Kawhi Leonard was named the MVP of NBA finals, which made him also one of the top earners. It is estimated that Kawhi has managed to earn more than $20 million in NBA 2018-19 season.