Kevin Durant Injury Return

Kevin Durant is arguably the biggest star in NBA at the moment. During the 5th NBA Finals game, he faced a major injury – a ruptured Achilles. As a sportsperson, and especially someone who plays professional basketball, this is the worst kind of injury that he could expect. As per reports, Durant might be out till mid-2020!

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Let us take a closer look at this injury and see when he is likely to make his return, as well as what does this mean for his team.

Kevin Durant Injured: When is He Expected to Return?

Given the nature of his injury, one can only expect him to take as long as one full year to recover! This kind of injury forces athletes into taking a long break and recovering because of the injured Achilles tendon, which is an important part of the foot for any sport.

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DeMarcus Cousins was another major name who faced a similar injury and was then out of action because of the same! Hopefully, Kevin Durant will make a quick recovery and will be back in action by Q2 2020.

Golden State Warriors in Trouble After This Injury?

The Golden State Warriors are not a happy camp at the moment. Given that Kevin Durant had recently come out of a calf injury – and has been injured again, they won’t be pleased at all! During a press interaction, Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors commented:

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“I guess there’s some speculation out there as to what’s going on. But we have no news. As soon as we have some news, any updates, we’ll let you know.”