Boston Celtics are one of the underperformers of the NBA 2018-19 season despite having talented players. The team was eliminated at an earlier stage in the second round of playoffs. Most of the players didn’t even get a proper chance to play, which has increased the trouble for the team. Kyrie Irving, the main star player of the Boston Celtics, is unhappy with the team and has turned to free agency.

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Following him, his teammates are also planning to do the same. It will leave Boston Celtics with only a few players, and they have to make new deals in the 2019 NBA draft. Here is how the team of the Boston Celtics will change after the NBA 2019 draft.

Kyrie Irving is a Free Agent

Kyrie Irving leaving Free agent Boston Celtics

Kyrie Irving is a big name, which is in a lot of demands and other NBA teams are ready to spend a significant amount to get him. Even though his team Boston Celtics was nowhere near the finals, still Irving’s name comes up with Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant.

It is common news that Kyrie Irving has decided to turn into a free agent and will most likely go to Brooklyn Nets. Even if his original team makes him a better offer, the chances are very low that Irving stays with the Celtics.

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Other Players are also Leaving

Boston Celtics leaving

Boston Celtics are trying hard to get major players in their team with new deals, but none of the star players wants to join. Even the existing team players are planning to leave Boston for a better future. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown from the Boston team are most likely to be traded for other players.

While Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris are the restricted free agent, who might sign somewhere else, given how bad the team performed in the NBA 2018-19 playoffs, no one wants to stay in Boson Celtics for the next season.