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There is no doubt that Kyrie Irving is one of the hottest properties in the NBA right now. And with free agency window opening soon, a lot of teams will be looking at Irving. And if rumors are to be believed, Kyrie Irving has already chosen his next destination.

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While there was a lot of buzz surrounding a possible move to the LA Lakers, it seems to have died down of late. Instead, it appears that Irving may be moving the Brooklyn Nets next season instead.

Kyrie Irving: Off to the Brooklyn Nets?

The latest reports, coming from Bleacher Sports, say that Kyrie Irving is dead serious about leaving Boston for the Brooklyn Nets. And the Nets are, understandably, just as keen to secure the deal. The report was brought to light thanks to the work of NBA informant Adrian Wojnarowski.

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The question that now arises is how much an impact Irving’s signing will have on the Nets. It clear for any basketball fan that the Brooklyn Net’s stock has been rising for the past few seasons. A big part of that has been D’Angelo Russell, a former Laker, who is now a key player for the Brooklyn team.

Nets to line up Irving and Russell together?

Adding Irving to the mix, along with the power of Russell, will surely make the Nets a much more daunting team to face. After all, the reason behind their successful season was their vaunted back-court, and with Irving and Russell together, it will be something to behold in the upcoming season.

Irving and Russell

However, in an opinion post, Clutch Points claimed that things wouldn’t be as simple. Both players have a similar style, they said, and both were ball handlers that like to eat the clock. In other words, with both Russell and Irving, the Nets do have a winner in their hands, but they must tweak their team to incorporate their talents and to ensure the two work together well.