Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets

Just a few weeks ago, reports were coming out from insider NBA sources almost every day, claiming that Kyrie Irving would soon move to the New York Knicks. However, in just a few weeks, the narrative has changed completely- Irving’s next destination seems to be the Brooklyn Nets instead.

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Kyrie Irving: Off to the Brooklyn Nets?

It was NBA pundit Stephen Smith who reported the news a few days ago, saying that Irving had been in contact with the Brooklyn Nets and had made it clear that he wishes to play with them next season. And of course, given Irving’s extraordinary talent, the Nets are doing all they can to ensure they land their star man.

Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets Free Agency 2019

The Nets have already started making space for Irving in the squad- they have cleared Allen Crabbe’s contract, freeing up $18.5 million following his move to the Atalanta Hawks. And there are rumors that they might even let go of D’Angelo Russell, leaving a massive $60 million in cap space vacant, which should be enough to land two free agents. And it is speculated that Kyrie Irving may even convince Kevin Durrant to jump ship with him and join the Brooklyn Nets together.

What does the future hold for Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets?

Of course, it is essential to keep ourselves grounded and remind ourselves that this is all speculation. But Adrian Wojnarowski, a well-reputed journalist with insider information, is confident that Irving’s move to the Nets will go through. So one can’t help but wonder, what does this mean for Irving’s future?

Kyrie Irving

The Brooklyn Nets are a team on the rise; there is no doubt of that. They even made the Playoffs this year, and are willing to experiment with talent. So, just from the look of things, the Brooklyn Nets look a perfect fit for Kyrie Irving and the other free agent that they will land. And if that man is Kevin Durrant, the Net’s prospects in the next season get an even more significant boost.