It has been some time now since the LA Lakers last had what one could describe a successful NBA season. The club desperately wants to be a part of the winning circle again and took a big step towards that goal last year by signing LeBron James.

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The next step towards success, it is widely speculated, is the signing of Kyrie Irving, another All-Star. While this is great news for Lakers fans, on the other side of things, there is also a possibility that none of the two may be playing for the Lakers when the 2019-20 NBA season begins.

Real talent takes a backseat at the Lakers club

The dearth of real talent at the Lakers has grown by each passing day; there is no doubt in that. And this lack of talent seems to have rubbed off poorly on LeBron James if a breaking story from Lakers nation is to be taken on its word. The blog claims that if the Lakers fail to bring in another superstar, LeBron James is ready to walk out of the club.

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Lebron James could leave Lakers soon; the club goes on an athlete trading Spree ahead of the NBA free agency window

The very prospect of that happening is daunting. Not only will the LA office have to deal with not being able to land an All-Star, but they will also have to deal with King James’s demands to leave the club. The report further suggested that a free agency or a trade is likely if things were to go down this path. And just like that, the King James era at the Lakers would end before it even began.

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The Lakers are, of course, doing all in their power to land star names ahead of the NBA free agency window. Names such as Dwayne Wade, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, and Anthony Davis are all being courted. Yet, the chance of any signing still remains low. The Lakers must act swiftly, or the cost will be the loss of King James.