NBA Kemba Walker Boston Celtics Hornets Knicks Trade Free Agent

Kemba Walker is another name in the most sought free agents of 2019, for which many teams are ready to make a trade. Playing for the Charlotte Hornets, Walker is an amazing point guard and also a good defender. The Hornets are ready to have him back but do not plans to spend much on his trade.

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It is the main reason why there are high chances that Walker will end up with the Boston Celtics when the free agency ends. Kyrie Irving leaving the Celtics team has given them both the motive and money to get a player such as Kemba Walker. On the other hand, it has created a lot of troubles of the Hornets and even the New York Knicks.

The Hornets can’t re-sign Walker

Kemba Walker Hornets NBA Trade Free Agent

It is not like the Hornets can’t make a deal for Kemba Walker, the thing is they are not even trying. While the rest of the NBA teams can offer Walker a $140 million, 4-year deal, the Hornets can bid for a max 5-year $221 million deal. There is no way that Kemba Walker will accept anything less than the supermax offer, and Charlotte Hornets clearly knows the fact.

But the Hornets have performed so badly in the last NBA season, they don’t have enough money in their cap space for such a deal. The only way for such a deal with result in overspending and the Hornets have to pay a luxury tax penalty for that. There is no way that the Charlotte team management will allow that, hence they can’t sign Kemba Walker.

More trouble for the Knicks

Trouble for the Knicks NBA Trade Kemba Walker

One must wonder how does the Kemba Walker deal with the Boston Celtics can affect the New York Knicks! Well, the answer is quite simple, Walker was their backup player in the free agency. The new reports state that Kevin Durant can go to the Brooklyn Nets along with Kyrie Irving.

In such a situation, the Knicks would have made a deal for Walker, but that is also gone now. Kemba Walker is a talented player, who if plays for the Knicks can change their fate in the basketball ground. But the future for the Knicks now looks very dark, with no superstar willing to join them.