NBA 2019 Draft Rumors LA Lakers Kyrie Irving Kemba Walker Jimmy Butler

Los Angeles Lakers have become the first team to make a trade deal for the upcoming NBA 2019 drafts. The LA Lakers traded their 3 important players to get Anthony Davis from New Orleans Pelicans. Now that most of their cap space is depleted, the Lakers are still trying to get more big names.

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Even though it seems a bit difficult at this time, there are a few ways to empty up their cap space further. The latest reports are saying that the Los Angeles Lakers is planning to trade more of their players to get Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, and Jimmy Buttler.

What are LA Lakers Planning?

LA Lakers NBA 2019 draft rumours

After spending most of their cap salary on Anthony Davis, the next biggest choice the Lakers have is to how to spend rest of it. The LA Lakers currently have around $25 million to $35 million to spend. They could have one or two big players in their team or get 4 to 5 average players.

But it seems that the Lakers have already decided, they are going for the star players, due to their experience with LeBron James. Lakers understand that the big star not only being the crowds, also overall improve the whole team.

Big three players

As per the reports, the Lakers want the big three names, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, and Jimmy Butler. They are ready to trade most of their team for that, even if they end up with an empty cap space at the end.

Antony Davis deal to be canceled?

Anthony Davis Trade Deal NBA

While the Anthony Davis deal is still not official, it seems that the Lakers might change their mind before the NBA draft starts. As per the new rumors, it seems that Lakers are now eyeing for the NBA 2019 finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard. LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard together can do wonders for the Los Angeles Lakers. If they can somehow convince Leonard to join them instead of the Clippers, the Anthony Davis trade deal can be canceled.