NBA Andre Iguodala Free Agency trade Knicks Warriors

Andre Iguodala, the Golden State Warriors forward, recently made a public appearance on television. He appeared on the CNBC to talk about the business side of the NBA and to promote his upcoming book.

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Andre Iguodala talks about Free Agency

And of course, while the discussion was ongoing, it veered towards the topic of free agency as well. The NBA offseason free agency window begins this Sunday, and there is a lot of excitement and buzz around the window, with star names such as Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard up for grabs for franchises.

Andre Iguodala Free Agency NBA trade Knicks Warriors

The Warriors themselves have two big names that they will potentially lose, as Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. There is still a lot of speculation where this pair will end up, and the New York Knicks have been right in the middle of it.

Andre Iguodala breaks Knicks fans’ hearts

Andre Iguodala, however, was very blunt and to the point in his interview, saying that “Nobody’s going to the Knicks, sorry,” when asked where his teammates will be heading in the future.

Both Thompson and Durant are of course still dealing with the injuries that they picked up in the NBA Finals. And these injuries only make any potential deal even tougher.

Andre Iguodala speaks on Free Agency

Durant has been linked to Knicks for a long time, but it is still unclear where he will head to. The Knicks do have the cap space to sign two players on a max contract this summer.

Twitter had some funny reactions to this news:

Warriors fans, on the other hand, were angry with their “incompetent” owners: