The Golden State Warriors will have a hard time at the next NBA season as two of its star players are leaving. Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, who have turned to free agency, are very less likely to stay. While both Durant and Thompson got injured, there is no way they recover before the free agent trade deals.

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Most of the reports have a mixed opinion on the said matter, but the Warriors are trying their best to retain them. Andre Iguodala, another player for Golden State Warriors, has disclosed certain things going in the team. Here is what Andre has said and how much it can affect the Warriors, Kevin, and Klay.

 Hints from Andre Iguodala (Warriors)

Andre Golden State Warriors

Andre Iguodala is a forward player for the Warriors, who is also a good friend of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. In a recent interview, Andre revealed that none of his friends from the Warriors would go to the New York Knicks. But at the same time, he has hinted that both Durant and Thompson might also not rejoin with the Warriors.

I think they’ll both be back with the Golden State Warriors. We all are like brothers, and we always keep in contact. But regardless of that, if Kevin or Klay decides to leave, they would still be the same to me. I would still keep in contact with them as much as possible. I wish the best for both of those guys, and pray to God that they recover to full strength soon.

Injuries and better Contracts for Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson

Player Injuries Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant Klay Thompson

The major reason behind both the star players leaving the Dubs team is not just their injury, but the way it is being handled. Kevin Durant is not pleased with the way the Golden State Warrior’s medical team is treating him. The New York Knicks have an amazing rehab facility, which might be a turning point in the deal.

On the other hand, Klay Thompson will take less time to recover from his ACL surgery. Atlanta Hawks is in pursuit of Thompson, and a deal can happen soon. There are high chances that both of the players will leave the Warriors, which is bad news for the team.