NBA trade rumors Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant has made up his mind and wants to leave the Golden State Warriors as a free agent. Even though the Warriors will try their best to retain him, but will also keep the other options open. If they have to trade Durant, then the team will make sure to get the best deal out of him. The best option for Durant is to re-sign with the Warriors and get $50 million extra for a five-year deal.

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While the other NBA teams can only offer a 4-year deal, but the average price can go higher. It seems that Kevin Durant is willing to take the risk, and hence Warriors has also prepared. Here are the possible trade deals the Warriors team can make for Durant.

Brooklyn Nets via Cavaliers

Brooklyn Nets Cavaliers NBA trade rumors Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors

The best possible deal for the Golden State Warriors is to get Kevin Love and Joe Harris in a deal with the Nets and the Cavaliers. Kevin Love has been traded out by the Cleveland Cavaliers to get Jarrett Allen and one 1st round pickup. The Brooklyn Nets have to give up Joe Harris to the Warriors in exchange for Kevin Durant. Honestly, getting two fantastic players in place of an injured Durant is a much better deal.

LA Clippers via Orlando Magic

LA Clippers Orlando NBA trade rumors Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors

The Warriors won’t let Kevin Durant go off that easy, in exchange they would ask for a lot of picks. Another possible trade deal for the Dubs team is to get a young talented player and have a first and second-round pick. The LA Clippers can give Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to the Orlando Magic team in exchange for Kevin Durant.

While the Magic team have to give Aaron Gordon and another second-round pick to the Warriors, its a win-win deal for all the three teams involved and the Warriors will likely end up with Chuma Okeke or Mo Bamba or Jonathon Isaac.

NY Knicks via Chicago Bulls

New York Knicks Chicago Bulls NBA trade rumors Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors

While the first two deals sound very good on paper, it is very less likely to happen, and Durant wants to go to the NY Knicks. The most plausible trade deal for the Warriors will include doing a 3-way exchange with the Chicago Bulls and the Knicks. Zach Lavine and Lauri Markkanen can be traded in for the Warriors, while the Bulls get Kevin Know. The New York team will be happy to have Durant, and almost every team gets a good deal.