NBA trade deal Kawhi Leonard Kevin Durant Jimmy Butler Miami Heat Kyrie Irving free agent

NBA free agency 2019 is about to start and we have a lot of free agents in the open, who could change the fate of the game. From Kevin Durant to Kawhi Leonard, there are a lot of names who will be traded soon. It is not just about the big names, there are a lot of second-tier players like Klay Thompson and Kemba Walker, who are also in demand in the free agency.


It is not just about getting a player, there is more to it as whom they are paired with. NBA is a game of teamwork where defense and offense are both required in the court. Here are some of the trade deals which can happen soon and change the NBA game for next year.

Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant duo

Kevin Kawhi Duo NBA trade deal free agent

Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard were the biggest player of the last NBA season and took their teams to the finals. If they both play together, there will be no way they can be beaten by others. Every NBA team knows the fact and is trying hard to get the Durant and Leonard duo. The New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Clippers are the teams that can actually manage such a deal.

Jimmy Butler Trade deals

Jimmy Butler NBA trade deal free agent

Jimmy Butler has somehow become the most sought out free agents and has a lot of teams that want him. From his original team Philadelphia 76ers to the Houston Rockets, LA Lakers, LA Clippers, etc. the list goes on. The latest team that Butler is meeting is none other than the Miami Heat, which can offer him a max deal.

Kyrie Irving Deal with the Nets

Kyrie Irving NBA trade deal free agent

It is a known fact that Kyrie Irving is leaving the Boston Celtics to join the Brooklyn Nets. Now the reports are coming in saying that it will be a four-year max deal of $141 million contracts. With Irving in their team, the Nets are looking for another star player to join him and Kevin Durant is their best bet.