NBA Trade Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving Russell Free Agents trade deal

There are a lot of NBA big names this summer whose futures are in the air. Kawhi Leonard is one of them, and so are D’Angelo Russell and Kyrie Irving. They will all hit the free agency market at the end of the month. Both Irving and Russell have strongly been linked to moves to New York- Irving is expected to move from the Boston Celtics, and Russell is linked with the New York Knicks.

Irving or Russell: Who do the Nets choose?

Guest hosts Tim Doyle and Tommy Trand discuss this very question on this Monday’s edition of “Kanell & Bell.” The Nets could either resign their 2017 trade player in Russell or go for a more experienced option in the veteran Kyrie Irving.

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NBA Nets Kyrie Irving Russell

For Tim Doyle, the answer is simple, and it is D’Angelo Russell. Doyle further explains that he looks at the moves from an investment point of view, and Russell is simply a better long term investment for the Brooklyn Nets.

More than meets the eye with Kyrie Irving

Doyle goes further to explain that there is another reason why he feels that Russell is the right choice. This, he explains, is to do with Irving’s playstyle- Irving is so ball dominant that it becomes a detriment to his team at times, Doyle says.

NBA Nets Kyrie Irving Russell

Meanwhile, Russell has repeatedly pledged his allegiance to the city of New York. That should work in favor of the Brooklyn Nets, and Tim Doyle firmly believes that D’Angelo Russell is the better package for the current situation of the franchise.