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Jimmy Butler is slowly turning out to be the top free agents of this summer and a deal could soon enter negotiations. The Philadelphia 76ers are trying their best that Butler stays with them, but he won’t consider anything less than the max deal.

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On the other hand, teams such as Houston Rockets, LA Clippers, and LA Lakers are trying their best to get Jimmy Butler in their team. The only way Butler re-signs with the 76ers is if they offer him a $189 million five year deal, which seems less likely possible. Hence here are the possible trade deals for Jimmy Butler, and where he can end up after the free agency 2019.

Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler Duo

Jimmy Kawhi duo

There is a way that the Los Angeles Clippers could win the next NBA finals which involves pairing up Kawhi Leonard with Jimmy Butler. Both the players know about this fact and are ready to give in a thought. To get Kawhi Leonard, won’t be that hard as he wants to move back to his LA home. Whereas getting Jimmy Butler can be a tricky thing, but the Clippers can work out a deal.

Support for Anthony-LeBron

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Whereas the possibility of Jimmy Butler playing alongside LeBron James depends on how both the players behave with each other. James is known to have a tough attitude and is hard to play along with. But if Butler somehow manages to stand to his toes in the court, the Lakers would try their best to make a deal. The LA Lakers wants a third player to support the Anthony Davis and LeBron James duo.

Houston Rockets is trying Hard

Jimmy Butler Rockets NBA trade news Free agency 2019

The Houston Rockets seems to have fixated on Jimmy Butler and is moving its players to offer him a good deal. Chris Paul, Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, P.J. Tucker will be traded out in the free agency, which will make a good enough cap space for the Rockets. Whereas the ultimate decision lies in the hand of Jimmy Butler himself, as where he wants to go next.