NBA 2019 Draft Rumors Houston Rockets Chris Paul, Eric Gordon, and PJ Tucker

NBA 2018-19 season ended with the Raptors defeating Warriors to lift the trophy. All the teams which lost are assessing themselves and making changes to improve themselves for the next NBA season. Houston Rockets is one of such team, who despite having a plethora of great players didn’t perform that well.

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The NBA 2019 draft pickups are coming up, and Rockets want to empty their cap space as much as possible. It is why they have lined up their top players to trade in the nearby NBA draft. Here are the top 3 players, Houston Rockets would trade for better deal offerings.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul NBA 2019 Draft Rumors

Houston Rockets was eliminated after failing to beat the Golden State Warriors in the 2018-19 NBA playoffs. It is why the team management has decided to trade the players who are not bringing out results. Chris Paul is a hall of fame NBA star, but he is 34 years in age and getting older by the day.

There would be a lot of better players available to trade, given how Paul is worth around $44 million. Most of the top teams would gladly have Chris Paul in their team, hence its a win-win for both him and the Rockets.

Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon NBA 2019 Draft Rumors

While it will be difficult to trade Chris Paul, the Houston Rockets has next name in the list as Eric Gordon. He had an amazing stat record from the last six years and plenty of teams would be interested in Gordon. As of now, Eric Gordon is in the last year of his $54 million contracts, which is why the Rockets would trade him in the first place. Given the skillset of Gordon, a lot of teams would want to play for them in the next NBA season.

PJ Tucker

PJ Tucker NBA 2019 Draft Rumors

Houston Rockets is looking to clear up a lot of their cap space for their next NBA season trade deals. PJ Tucker is the ideal candidate for the process, as he has still left $125 million for his 3-year contract. He is amazing at defense, and most of the teams lack a good defensive player. There will be a lot of NBA teams ready to trade PJ Tucker from Houston Rockets when he is put up for trade in the summer season.