NBA trade deals Kawhi LEonard Jimmy Butler Kevin Durant Warriors Kyrie Irving Lakers

NBA trade deals 2019 come up with a lot of surprises, where any player can get into any other team. Most of the players who have turned into free agency 2019 can change the game in the next NBA season. There are other players who have yet not decided but may turn into free agents soon.

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The new team combination, powerful duos, and trios have so much potential that anyone can win the next NBA finals. Many of the trade deals, which looks impossible right now, can happen over the next week. It is not just about the players; the teams will be also be affected a lot. Here are some of the NBA trade deals, which if happens, will be a major shock to everyone.

Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler Duo

Kawhi Leonard Jimmy Butler NBA trade deals rumours

Kawi Leonard was the MVP of 2019 NBA finals and is the hottest free agent in demand, but there are some players who can play better than him. Even though the Philadelphia 76ers was eliminated in the playoffs, Jimmy Butler proved his worth as a player. It is why the Houston Rockets wants Butler so severely, and experts say that he will be better for the Lakers, as compared to Leonard.

Even the LA Clippers knows this, and they have money for two max players, so what if they deiced to get both Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler. The duo of Butler and Leonard will be unstoppable and the team having them will have high chances of winning NBA 2020 finals.

Kevin Durant and Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant in Golden State Warriors NBA trade deals rumours

Kevin Durant has made it clear that he won’t go back to the Golden State Warriors in any condition. Even other players such as Klay Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins are planning to turn into free agents. It will fracture the Warriors team strength, and they will have no chances for the next year NBA finals.

What if all this is a ruse to get a max deal for Durant, as he is injured and also getting old. After all, it is just a sport, and all the players are playing for money. It makes a lot of sense for an injured Durant to get a better offer, with career stability and security.

Kyrie Irving in the LA Lakers

Kyrie Irving Lakers NBA trade deals rumours

Kyrie Irving had made it clear that he will leave the Boston Celtics team for a better performing team. As of right now, Irving has plans to join the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Knicks. He is also trying to convince his friends like Kevin Durant to play with him, as he doesn’t want to risk playing alone for an average team.

In such a situation, there is no better team than the Los Angeles Lakers. There is the basketball legend LeBron James and the new superstar Anthony Davis in the Lakers squad. Even the Lakers want a third player to support the duo, and who can be a better fit than Kyrie Irving.