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The news that Kyrie Irving will be joining the Brooklyn Nets has been trending for the past few weeks. But as all NBA fans know, things change quite quickly this time of the year.


Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury that will keep him out to for the entire 19-20 NBA season has forced the Nets to halt their plans. According to the New York Post’s Brian Lewis, the Nets are reconsidering whether they still want Kyrie Irving without Durant joining them.

The Big Debate at the Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were obviously the Net’s dream pairing. And while that dream remains on, the injury has put some serious damper in the works.

Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant Nets NBA Trade Free Agency

The Nets are unsure if they still want Irving if they fail to land Durant. Further, having to lose D’Angelo Russell, a homegrown All-Star to land Irving makes this an even tougher decision.

The fanbase is split on it as well- some want the proven quality of Kyrie Irving, while others wish to keep their homegrown star. If they do keep Russell, it would undoubtedly be a cheaper option for the Nets as he is a restricted free agent.

Kevin Durant- the X factor

The X factor in this situation is Durant. And there is still no inkling on where the All-Star is moving next. All we know for now is whoever signs him won’t get to watch him play on the court next season.

Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant Nets NBA Trade Free Agency

If the Nets do decide not to pursue Irving, Russell is the immediate beneficiary. After all, the only reason that the Brooklyn Nets were willing to let Russell walk was that they could only sign two max free agents with the cap space they had.