NBA Trade Kevin Durant deals Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant is the top player for the Golden State Warriors, who despite his injury is still in demands. He could have won the NBA 2019 finals for the Warriors if not for his Achilles tendon issue in the fifth final match. Durant has decided from a long time ago, that he will turn into an unrestricted free agent for the next NBA season.

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Without their star player Kevin Durant, the Warriors will have a hard time next year even in the playoffs. They know it very well and are pursuing Durant to stay with them. Here are the possible ways that Durant can re-sign with the Warriors, and the possible injury issues.

Win-Win deals for both

Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant NBA Trade

It won’t be easy for the Golden State Warriors to convince Kevin Durant to stay, but experts have found a possible solution. The Warriors could offer Durant a max five-year deal where he can spend the first year getting healed after his surgery. Once he plays for them in the next NBA season, the Warriors can trade him for a better deal.

A lot of teams would be interested in paying for a healthy Durant, rather than wasting one year of the money. While Durant can have $57 million extra in his pocket, and possibly a better deal in the next year. Both the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant can benefit from such a deal and its a win-win for both of them.

How the Injury affects the deal?

Kevin Durant injured NBA Trade Golden State Warriors

The deal sounds very good on paper, but there are a lot of complications in it, as Durant is yet not healed. There have been previous cases of players losing their mojo after getting injured. If such a thing happens, the Warriors would suffer from a huge loss and even Durant will have his value reduced.

But, everyone is fully confident in Durant, and teams are already lining up for getting him from the free agency. The best possible option left with the Warriors is to find a proper replacement for Kevin Durant for the next NBA season.