Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors was considered as the winner of NBA 2019 finals when their opponent was Toronto Raptors. But the underdog Raptors thrashed the Warriors and won the cup with a 4-2 lead. One big reason for the loss was Kevin Durant getting injured, as he was their star player. Now that Kevin Durant has become a free agent, it makes the Golden State Warriors again vulnerable.

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They need to find someone who can fill in the void left by Durant and make them win the next NBA season. There seems to be more trouble, as Klay Thompson is also planning to leave Warriors for better teams. It has forced the Warriors to look for new players in the 2019 NBA draft.

Players from Lakers

Replacement for Durant

It won’t be easy for the Golden State Warriors to find a basketball player that can play as good as Kevin Durant. But there are certain players if given proper chance could make a difference. Reggie Bullock and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope from the LA Lakers are two such names who fit the bill and are also turned into free agents.

Although Reggie Bullock doesn’t have that good stats, he has the potential to replace Klay Thompson as a defender. Meanwhile, Caldwell has always been overshadowed by LeBron James in the Lakers, and he could do a great job in the Warriors. To be honest, it is just speculation, as the ultimate decision lies with the players and the free cap space the Warriors can manage.

Curry and others to save the Team

Curry and others

Stephen Curry and Daymond Green will stay with the Warriors, and maybe they can save the team with the help of some new players. There are reports that DeMarcus Cousins could return back to the Warriors. It makes a lot of sense, and he has the right abilities required to change a game. Although, there are other teams interested in Cousins, so in the end, it all depends on the trade deals that the Warriors could make.