NBA 2019 Free Agency Top Players Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker, Klay Thompson

NBA 2019 finals ended with Toronto Raptors winning the first ever trophy for  Canada and changing the whole scenario. Most of the top NBA players have decided to turn free agent for the next season. It was obvious if someone’s talent is underutilized or fits better with someone else, they need to change the team.

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Also, there needs to be a pay-off for your performance, where players deserve better deals. Here are the top 5 players who have turned to free agency and are in the most demand.

Player option (PO) means the player can go to any team or rejoin his original team. Unrestricted (UR) means the player is free to sign with any of the teams.

Kawhi Leonard, PO

Kawhi Leonard NBA 2019 Free Agency Top Players Kawhi Leonard was the sole reason responsible for Raptors to win against the Warriors in NBA 2019 finals. He was also named as MVP for the 2018-19 NBA finals, which proves his contribution to the game. Given how much he wants to explore his career, him leaving Toronto for the states is not shocking at all. Every team in NBA 2019 would want a match winner like Kawhi Leonard in their playing squad.

Kevin Durant, PO

Kevin Durant NBA 2019 Free Agency Top Players

Kevin Durant is at the top of NBA players list, even though his team Golden State Warriors lost the 2019 finals. Even the main reason, Warriors lost to Raptors was Durant getting injured in the 5th match. If Kevin Durant was fit in all the final matches, maybe his team could have won. Everyone knows his value, hence despite Durant’s injury most of the NBA teams are ready even to wait for him to get fit and play next year’s finals.

Kyrie Irving, UR

Kyrie Irving NBA 2019 Free Agency Top Players

Kyrie Irving is one of the few names in the latest NBA season, who was more in the news than his team. Boston Celtics lost important matches in the playoffs, but Irving’s performance was always top notch. Kyrie Irving in a better team with some support from other players could do wonders. It is why almost every major team will be trying to get him in their NBA squad.

Kemba Walker, UR

Kemba Walker NBA 2019 Free Agency Top Players

Kemba Walker is one of the few names who have been performing consistently well from the last 3 years. On the other hand, his team Charlotte Hornets is not doing him justice in terms of credit and even payments. The upcoming NBA season would change that, as most of the NBA teams would want the free agent Walker to play for them.

Klay Thompson, UR

Klay Thompson NBA 2019 Free Agency Top Players

Klay Thompson was also responsible for the Golden State Warriors to enter the NBA 2019 finals. The likes of Kevin Durant constantly overshadowed him. But now that he has turned to free agency, there are a lot of other teams under which Thompson could shine. Klay Thompson is an excellent shooter and defender, which makes him an ideal choice for any of the NBA teams.