Kawhi Leonard Free Agency 2019 Raptors NBA trade

The 2019 NBA Finals playoffs are over, and the Raptors have won. And the speculation surrounding Kawhi Leonard and his free agency have begun again with fervor. Millions of fans worldwide are asking the all-important question- will the Finals MVP stay with the Raptors, or will it be sweet goodbye after winning them the Championship?

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Kawhi Leonard refuses to disclose his Free Agency plans

It has been a historic season for the Toronto Raptors. ESPN’s Doris Burke was on hand to ask Kawhi about his and his team’s incredible season, and the player’s plans moving forward. And as expected, Leonard did not give a clear answer and chose to be diplomatic.

Kawhi Leonard Free Agency 2019 Raptors NBA trade

The 27-year-old said his current focus is on enjoying the moment with his teammates and his club, and that he will think about his free agency later.

A Freudian Slip?

One particular interview, with SB Nation’s Kristian Winfield, is rather interesting. Winfield was quizzing Kawhi on the Raptor’s first title and the experience of bringing the championship to Canada for the first time, and Kawhi replied that it was a monumental moment for the club, and something “they” could build on.

The use of ‘they’ instead of ‘we’ immediately stands out. Perhaps it is a slip, revealing his intention for a move, or perhaps we are merely making a mountain out of a molehill. Which one of these is the case should be evident in the next few weeks.

Kawhi Leonard Free Agency 2019 Raptors NBA trade

Meanwhile, there is no changing the fact that Kawhi Leonard is perhaps the most desirable free agent. Injuries to Klay Thompson and Kevin Durrant has propelled the Raptors’ star man’s stock even further. The Raptors have it all to do to convince the 27-year-old to stay.