Stephen Curry NBA 2019 finals MVP prediction

NBA 2019 finals are going on between Warriors and Raptors and it looks like both the teams are out for the win. The Raptors won the first of the 7 matches, while the Warriors managed to win the second. Currently, the scores are equal at 1-1 and it looks like there will be a tough competition.

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Apart from the winning team, everyone wants to know who will be the most valuable player (MVP) of this basketball season. Here are the predictions based on AI and stats to find the MVP of NBA 2018-19 season.

MVP Predicted by AI

NBA Finals 2019 predictions MVP Stephen Curry

The top technical minds of NBA joined hands with Unanimous A.I. to predict the MVP of NBA 2018-19 season. It uses the player stimulation and stats compiled the data using an advanced algorithm. The method combines the human thinking elements along with artificial intelligence to predict possible outcomes.

Stephen Curry, who has been 3 time the MVP season was selected out to be the MVP for the NBA 2019 finals. It should be noted that Curry has never won the MVP award previously in any of the NBA finals. Curry is the performers for Warriors this year with a 93 percent chances of winning the NBA finals MVP title.

Top MVP contenders by Score

NBA Finals 2019 predictions MVP Stephen Curry

While the AI has picked out his winner for the MVP award, the stats says an entirely different story. According to player stats and betting rates James, Davis, and Anteokounmpo are the top three names for getting the MVP title in the finals. While Kevin Durant has won the title since last 2 years, he has very less chance this year due to his injuries. Make sure you watch the rest of NBA 2019 final matches live along with the world.