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Jimmy Butler is one of the best emerging NBA players and will even have great demands in the free agency in 2019. Philadelphia 76ers would most likely try to re-sign Butler when he enters free agency in the month of July. The Los Angeles Clipper and Lakers are also considering sign Jimmy Butler into their team.

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If the Clippers can sign Kawhi Leonard along with Butler, the duo can win them the NBA 2020 finals. While it all sounds easy, there could be a big problem for the Lakers, if they somehow manage to sign Kawhi Leonard. Everything is very complicated until the actual deal starts on June 30. Here are the possible deals for Jimmy Butler, and how does it affect the team signing him.

Deals for Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler deals NBA

Jimmy Butler is doing since last year where he was traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Chicago Bulls before that. He had a great season with the Philadelphia 76ers and stood along the lines of Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving in the free agency. To be honest, he is actually a much better player, but given his young age, Butler lacks just some experience.

The Philadelphia 76ers will try their best to re-sign him. Even the Houston Rockets team wants Jimmy Butler, but a deal is very less likely to happen. LA Lakers and LA Clippers are also looking for Butler. Given, he is an unrestricted free agent; Butler will go with the team which offers him the best deal and have better players as teammates.

The LeBron James Issue

LeBron James Issue NBA trades LA Lakers Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard wants to go to any of his home team in Los Angeles, and even the Lakers could have him. But that would create a big problem, as Leonard would have a tough problem playing together with LeBron James. To play in the shadow of James is not an easy thing, as he is considered the modern NBA legend.

A better option for the Lakers would be to sign Jimmy Butler, who has the attitude to go toe-to-toe with LeBron James. Butler won’t stay quiet and give it back to James if he tries to bully him. Healthy competition is a good thing, and the duo of LeBron James and Jimmy Butler can win the NBA 2020 finals for the Lakers.