The Houston Rockets after having a bitter defeat at the hands of the Warriors have decided to upgrade their team. While the team didn’t perform that well in the last few seasons, it surely has potential. James Harden from the Rockets was named as MVP in the NBA 2018 season. It proves that the team has great players, they just need a proper push.

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With reports of Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony leaving the Houston team, they need someone to fill the space. One of the most preferred names is Jimmy Butler from the Philadelphia 76ers. Here is why the team of Houston Rockets wants Butler and the possible chances of getting him.

Why the Rockets wants Butler?

Jimmy Butler Stats NBA Free Agency

Jimmy Butler, at the age of 29, has a lot of experience playing in the NBA. He has been named 4 times as an All-Star and 6 times as All-Defensive selection in the history of NBA. It’s not about his stats; Butler is overall a great team player. During the latest NBA season, Jimmy had an average of 18.2 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.0 assists per game.

He is also amazing at offense, which makes him an ideal candidate for the Houston Rockets. With Jimmy Butler in their team, there are strong chances that the Rockets can beat the Warriors next year. If properly paired with James Harden, the duo is good enough even to win the NBA 2020 finals.

The deal is almost Impossible

James Harden Jimmy Butler NBA Free Agency

While Jimmy Butler is a perfect fit for the broken Houston Rockets, there is a very big problem in the picture. The Rockets paid $228 million to extend the contract with James Harden, which has left them with very less cap space. The re-sign process of Harden is the most expensive deal in history.

So it makes us wonder, how can the Rockets offer a trade for Jimmy Butler. Maybe they find a way, where they to have to trade a few more of their names. But one thing is sure, Butler in the Rockets team would do wonders in the next season of NBA.