Houston Rockets played very well in recent NBA season and also has a great line-up. With Kevin Durant injured, and Klay Thompson leaving the Golden State Warriors, there are high chances that the Rockets can be on the top in the next year. Even though there have been reports of Chris Paul turning into a free agent, the Rockets have made it public that they will keep him.

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As per the new reports, the Houston Rockets now wants to get Jimmy Butler for their next season squad. Philadelphia 76ers doesn’t perform that well, which is why Butler has turned towards free agency. Here are the plans of the Houston Rockets for Jimmy Butler and the deals required to get him.

Harden, Paul and Butler Trio

Harden Paul NBA Trade Rumors Butler

James Harden and Chris Paul are the star players for the Houston Rockets who could probably use a third name to make a deadly trio. Despite reports that Harden and Paul are leaving the Rockets, the team management is sure it won’t happen. Daryl Morey, the manager of Houston Rockets has clarified that money is not an issue for his star players and it is all just a big misunderstanding. Morey has assured the Rockets fans that both of them will play for their team even in next year.

The current plan is to add Jimmy Butler to the team, which could bring a major change in the team. The trio of 2018 MVP Harden, veteran Paul talented Butler could make the Rockets win the NBA 2019-20 finals.

Rockets have to make a Trade

Houston Rocket trade deals NBA

The biggest issue here is that Jimmy Butler won’t come up cheap as Philadelphia 76ers would want a proper replacement for him. Most of the reports say that the Rockets would trade the 34-year old Chris Paul for young players. Paul is currently under contract for $124 million, and it would make sense for the Rockets to free up his cap space.

The other players left to trade are Clint Capela and Eric Gordon, which won’t make that much sense. Let us see what the Houston Rockets will finally decide and which of the players it will trade in the NBA 2019 draft.