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NBA Trade deals for 2019 are about to start in a few hours and new exchange deals are ushering up. While most of the deals are purely business and keeping the sport aspects, there are some players who have a personal stake in the NBA.

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One such name is Jimmy Butler, who is a Houston native, but had to play for 2 other teams in NBA. Butler was traded first to Minnesota Timberwolves who ultimately sent him to Philadelphia 76ers.

This year, the LA Lakers can sign Jimmy Butler or the 76ers might retain him. There is no way Houston Rockets would make a deal to get Butler back in their team. The only possible way for this deal is that the Philadelphia team think about what the player wants, instead of the team.

It makes a lot of Sense

NBA Trade 2019 Jimmy Buttler in Houston Rockets

In normal circumstances, the Philadelphia 76ers would most likely re-sign Jimmy Buttler as he was their top performers in the playoffs. The only possible way for Jimmy Butler to get back to his hometown team Houston Rockets is if he talks to the team on a personal level.

Butler can say to the Philadelphia team management that he wants to go to Houston, and a trade deal can be arranged. Earlier, Chris Paul has done to get to Houston Rockets from the LA Clippers. The Philadelphia 76ers would have to normally pay $40 million more for Chris Paul under normal circumstances.

Better deals for Butler

NBA Trade 2019 Better Deals

Better deals for both the Houston Rockets and the Philadelphia 76ers would be to trade Clint Capela and Eric Gordon. Both of them combined are worth around $30 million and can be traded for Jimmy Butler. If such a trade deal can be made, it would benefit every team. The 76ers won’t have to pay a high sum of $50 million to re-sign Jimmy Butler. Butler gets to play in his home team, and all the teams get better deals.