The Los Angeles Lakers are still in hard pursuit of their star summer signing, the New Orleans Pelican’s Anthony Davis. The Pelicans, understanding the Laker’s desperation to land Davis, have recently increased their demands for a trade to occur. But the Lakers are still determined to land him and will go after Jimmy Butler once Davis is wrapped up. The Lakers intend to start the 2018-19 season with three big stars- Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler, and LeBron James.

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Lakers want good players in its team

Understandably, the Lakers are desperate to add quality to their squad. Their first year with LeBron, despite high expectations, has been disastrous. Poor decision-making and even poorer management, coupled with injuries to players during crucial periods have all culminated with the Lakers failing to make it to the playoffs. The Lakers are now completely determined to fight for the ring next season. And that determination is reflecting in their trade window so far.

Lakers Big Three for 2019/20 NBA Season

Various reports from NBA insiders have said that the Lakers are willing to trade anyone (except LeBron and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope) to get the man they want, Anthony Davis. And Davis wants the move to Lakers as well, so that move should materialize soon.

Lakers Big Three for 2019/20 NBA Season

However, New Orleans has added a new roadblock to this deal. They have a new condition for the trade- they now want an All-Star player and two first rounds of the draft for the trade to go through. And in a trade that only involves the Pelicans and the Lakers, this is quite hard to achieve.

Therefore, to get their man, the Lakers will need a third team in the fray. The Lakers are planning to send some of their youngsters away to some third team, effectively giving the Pelicans first rounds of the draft or a great player that the franchise so desperately wants. Of course, this option is complicated, but it seems the only way forward for the Lakers.