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Chris Paul Trade rumours: LA Lakers, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers

Chris Paul, another top player for Houston Rockets, can also be up for sale next NBA season. Earlier reports stated that after losing against Golden State Warriors, the team of Rockets is totally going to change its players. Daryl Morey, the manager of Houston Rockets, has indicated that all of its players, including Chris Paul, will be up for the next auction. Here are the top 5 NBA teams that could use a hall of fame like Chris Paul in their playing squad.

Los Angeles Lakers

Chris Paul auction NBA Trade


Los Angeles Lakers are currently suffering from the average performance of LeBron James, the NBA star couldn’t take the team to the 2019 finals. Also, Chris Paul and LeBron James are good friends and have better coordination. LA Lakers could use someone like Paul to reach the NBA finals next summer.

New York Knicks

Chris Paul auction NBA Trade New York Knicks

The New York Knicks was the top-earning team of this year with $4 billion in their pockets. It is expected that they are going to get big names in their squad, including Kevin Durant from Golden State Warriors. The Knicks are also planning to sign up Kyrie Irvin, and the new trio could totally be a game changer for New York Knicks.

Boston Celtics

Chris Paul auction NBA Trade Boston Celtics

There are already reports that Kyrie Irvin is going to leave the Boston Celtics in the next season. It would make a lot of sense for Boston Celtics to get someone like Chris Paul, who can back the team next year. They could also swap Gordon Hayward with Houston Rockets and get Chris Paul instead. Considering the current form of both teams and players, it would make a lot of sense for them to make the deal.

Charlotte Hornets

Chris Paul auction NBA Trade Charlotte Hornets

Chris Paul could go back to his home team Charlotte Horns, where he has also played before. Kemba Waller could walk out from Hornets as a free agency and Paul could be the new ball-handler for the team. While having Chris Paul will not change that much for Charlotte Hornets, it would be a start of something new.

Indiana Pacers

Chris Paul auction NBA Trade Indiana Pacers

The team of Indiana Pacers is always changing their team roster, and they got lucky with Victor Oladipo. Darren Collison is about to leave Indiana Pacers to be a free agent, which has opened a significant spot in their team. Pacers have a net saving of $38 million which they could use to make big deals buyouts including Chris Paul next NBA season.

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