Kevin Durant Injury Free Agency

Kevin Durant tried his best in the 6th final match of Raptors vs Warriors, but couldn’t save his team. Toronto Raptors finally defeated Golden State Warriors with a 4-2 lead to become the NBA 2019 champions. In the previous match, Durant was injured in the second half and had to leave the match in between.

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He was not in a 100 percent medical fitness before the game, which made his injury worse. Now that NBA 2018-19 ends with the finals, where will Durant go now? After his injury, here are the possibilities for Kevin Durant and an estimate when he will be back.

Durant Free Agency Future

One of the biggest questions marks the injury of Kevin Durant is what will happen to his future plan of becoming a free agent. Durant was planning to leave Warriors behind and start a full-time free agency to get the best deals. Now that he can’t even walk properly, it had dimmed the chances of his free agency.

Experts say that the value of Durant has gone down, and another injury could be dangerous for him. If Kevin Durant gets injured one more time, his dream of free agency will remain a dream.

Recovery Timeline

After the MRI report of Kevin Durant this Tuesday in New York, it was found that he is suffering from right Achilles tendon injury. It depends on an on case by case how long the injury will take to heal, but the minimum time expected is about a year. Durant will be sidelined for the next year by his team until he fully recovers.

The NBA star shared a picture on Instagram where he wrote a long text and thanked fans for their support. Durant has undergone surgery and is now on the road to recovery. It is expected that Kevin Durant will play in the 2020-21 NBA seasons.