LeBron James news

LeBron James is always in the news, even when he is not playing any basketball games. Lakers have not made to the NBA 2019 finals, but LeBron James is making headlines all over the world.

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LeBron James has been regarded as the top basketball player of the 2010-20 decade. Some say LeBron is the best basketball players of all time in the whole world. Playing for Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association (NBA) games, he has won many awards and accolades.

LeBron James Documentary is here

LeBron James documentary Headliners: LeBron James is the name of the latest documentary on the life of the NBA star player. There have been previously also many feature stories about LeBron James. MSNBC network will provide the air the LeBron James documentary on June 9, Sunday 9 pm.

Headliners is a one-hour documentary hosted by NBC night news anchor Lester Holt. The LeBron James documentary will showcase his life from a kid in Akron to a present-day Lakers star, along with all the major events and controversies related to him.

Lakers in the 2019-20 NBA Finals

LeBron James NBA final LA Lakers

Kevin Love, the former teammate and good friend of LeBron James has shown faith in the NBA player. As per Kevin, LeBron has the talent to change the game by himself and people should consider the Lakers as a top contender for next NBA year. NBA season 2019-20 will start after the current finals are done, and it would be interesting to see which team comes out on top.

LA Lakers was out early in NBA 2019 matches, but they are being predicted as the next year’s champion. There are very high chances that Lakers team of LeBron James reaches NBA 2019-20 finals.

Stephen Curry signing Card

LeBron James Stephen Curry

Since the year 2010, it is the first time that LeBron James is not part of NBA finals. Stephen Curry, the star player of Golden State Warriors, is also a good friend of LeBron James. Gullimero from the TV show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ was present during NBA 2019 finals and interviewed Curry.

In what turns out to be a hilarious gesture, Stephen Curry signed a ‘Wish you were here’ card for LeBron James. While many people are thinking that Curry was mocking LeBron, it is not true. Both the players share a good bond and are friends, and it was a friendly gesture to lighten the mood in finals.

Michael Jordan vs LeBron James

LeBron James vs Michael Jordan

Whenever basketball is mentioned, two names that everyone thinks of is Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Both of the players have been the master of the game and have a boatload of accomplishment in their names. NBA analytics are doing a James vs Jordan comparison for years, without any conclusion.

To be honest, both of them played during a different time in different teams. There is no common ground to determine a single winner in the James vs Jordan debate. Earlier, people used to say that Michael Jordan has a movie Space Jam, but the recently announced sequel has LeBron James in it, thus no end to the debate.