NBA news: LeBron James is out scouting for LA Lakers; Walker, Kawhi and Kyrie rumoured picks

    NBA news LeBron James LA Lakers; Walker, Kawhi and Kyrie

    Both the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors are busy in preparation for their upcoming series. The two teams face off on May 31st. But it’s not just them who are checking and updating their rosters, Lebron James is in on the act as well. The word is that James is trying hard to recruit free agent superstars for the summer.


    LeBron James is scouting for Lakers

    The news broke out last week, with NBA pundit Brian Windhorst saying that Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard had been in touch with Lebron James. The extent of this dialogue, and exactly what they discussed remains unknown, however.

    Since the news broke out, soon to be free agent Kemba Walker has been added by LeBron James to the list as well. Of course, Walker’s impressive average of 25.6 points, 5.9 assists, 4.4 rebounds this season will have gone a long way in convincing Lebron James to make a move for him.

    LeBron James is looking to include Walker in Lakers Squad

    James and Kyrie might team up again

    Another free agent superstar who is rumored to move is Kyrie Irving. There was bad blood between him and Lebron James after their public separation in the Cleveland Cavaliers, but apparently, the rift has been mended.

    It is unclear how likely Irving is to join James at LA Lakers, as he is also rumored to be in contact with Kevin Durant and the New York Knicks.

    Kyrie Irving is sought by Lebron James for Lakers

    The New York Knicks have a lot of cap space at the moment, so they could, in theory, lure both Irving and Durant. However, Durant’s current focus is entirely on the Playoff Finals, so any further news will only come after.

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    I got called out by my guy and in my opinion the best shooters(he can do more too) for the Class of 2023 @gcupps23 today. Told him about a certain switch I can hit when needed and he didn’t believe me. Well he found out the hard way! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Still my guy Cupps nevertheless 😁. #repost @ballislife

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    As for Lebron James, he is enjoying some time off at the moment. The Lakers star was spotted in a shooting contest against a 14-year old Gabe Cupps. Cupps challenged Lebron to a 3 point showdown. But, James’s beat him emphatically, draining four consecutive shots beyond the arc.

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