NBA News: Following Kevin Durant’s Injury, Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Clippers Don’t Want Him Anymore

    Kevin Durant Injury NBA trade

    Once among the hottest names in the NBA, Kevin Durant has now suddenly found himself being written out of most conversations for the next year following a major injury that he suffered during the recent finals. Having injured his Achilles tendon, the NBA star is expected to take as long as one full year to recover.

    Kevin Durant Injured

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    This injury has found him falling out of favours with many teams which were looking forward to acquiring him for the next season. Let us take a closer look at this:

    Durant No Longer A Favourite Pick in the NBA Rosters

    Reports from Yahoo Sports pointed out that following his injury, Kevin Durant is no longer a lucrative proposition for teams and apparently two teams have backed off from bidding on him. This is primarily because his injury will take him one full year to heal till which time he will be a liability and exactly how good will he even be upon return is still doubtful!

    Kevin Durant Injury NBA

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    The Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Clippers were the two teams interesting in getting Durant on board with them, but it now appears that his future hangs in the balance.

    Injuries Haunt Top Stars: Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson Injured


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    It is not just Durant, but even Klay Thompson who has been injured. While the exact nature of Thompson’s injury is such that it will have him back on the track faster than Durant, an injury can still hinder the gameplay for the player, especially at this level.

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