NBA Free Agency

NBA free agency for the year 2019 is about to start and basketball fans all over the world are excited. While the draft lottery was very much hyped, only a few blockbuster deals happened during that. Most of the teams were saving their money to bring in the top free agents.

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The New York Knicks managed to save around $70 million, which it will use to get Kevin Durant or Kawhi Leonard in the free agency. Brooklyn Nets, LA Lakers, LA Clippers, Houston Rockets, etc are also in the list that will make some big deals.

No one wants to miss any second of it, and wants to know the results at the exact moment, it is declared. Here are all the details about the Free agency and ways to watch it online.

Free Agency: Venue and Schedule

Venue and Timings NBA Free Agency 2019

Unlike the previous years, NBA free agency 2019 will start at the end of the month of June. Every year, it started at the midnight of July 1, but this year it will begin from the evening of June 30. The free agency deals will take place from June 30, 6 pm EST to July 6, 12 pm-midnight EST.

A deal will only be considered official if it is announced after Saturday before it everything is just a speculation. While the free agency event will be scattered across most of the cities, the main center of it will be the usual. Barclays Stadium in the middle of New York city is the official venue for the free agency deals.

How to Watch Online?

live stream NBA Free Agency 2019 watch online

ESPN has the exclusive rights to stream and air the NBA matches and even the official events. Just like the NBA draft pickups, free agency deals can also be watched on ESPN. There is an website for PC users and ESPN App on Android mobiles and iPhones.

For traditional cable TV users, you can ask your operator for the ESPN TV channel. Even in any of the digital streaming services like Hulu, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime, DirecTV Now, etc, one can add ESPN+ and watch online the 2019 free agency live.