NBA and NFL are some of the most viewed sports in the United States and most of the world. The recent NBA 2019 finals had a record viewership and are still trending in most of the news. Even though most of the sports are broadcast on TV channels, it is slowly changing with time and technology.

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Michael Eisner, the Ex. CEO of Disney has predicted that sports like NBA and NFL will eventually no longer be streamed on TV channels. As per Eisner, the popular streaming giants such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. will be the new home of sports shows.

Live Streaming of Sports

NBA Live Stream NFL

As of right now, CBS, NBC, Fox, Disney’s ABC, etc. are the main TV channels which air most of the sports and games across the US. But with time, more and more people prefer watching the matches on the go, on their laptops and mobiles. It is why the major sports are also live streamed on streaming services along with the TV channel broadcast.

While the TV channel has a fixed range, the streaming services have no boundaries. It is not just that; digital streaming is way cheaper than the traditional cable TV broadcast. The other reasons include social media commentary, live stats, chats, and polls, which has made the change inevitable.

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What is the Timeline?

Streaming Service Timeline NBA NFL

The traditional TV channels are having a tough time keeping up with the streaming giants. Initially, it was said that sports will never go to the digital platforms, but look how it turned out. Michael Eisner recalls his experience on the subject with his friends, Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos.

They did original programming while they said they would never do it. Then they told me they would never do animation and they did animation. Then they said they would never do sports and now some of them are doing sports.

Amazon recently had a $65 million deal for the Thursday Night Football, which has marked the beginning of the transition. Facebook and Youtube are also showing games in rare places such as Africa, where cable TV can’t reach.