Michael Douglas is someone who has been part of movies that do not really match superhero themes. His biggest hits include Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction, and Falling Down.

So Ant-Man was his debut in the superhero universe. Douglas desired to be a part of Marvel so he opted for the role.

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Well, I was keen to do a superhero movie, you know. I love challenges and so I look for contemporary stories, with no special effects, nothing, just psychological real kind of stories,” Michael Douglas revealed in an interview. Also before he began the filming he had acted in a forgettable project. So he accepted Ant-Man instantly.

Michael Douglas
Paul and Michael

Marvel Had Its Own Team Of Scriptwriters

Wright tried to make some changes to the script so as to suit the tastes of Marvel fans.  Soon Marvel got its team on board. These writers worked hard to bring changes to the Ant-Man script. Wright decided to walk away since his role was drastically reduced and he felt less important.

Michael Douglas Was Unhappy With The Sudden Changes

Then it was Paul Rudd who helped in the rewriting of Ant-Man. He added a touch of humour and wit. But all this left Douglas confused. “Drafts were being pitched in and out, the Paul was brought. All this differed from the initial plans”, says Douglas. He clarified that he didn’t have any problem with Paul, but the only thing was that he didn’t know him very well. So he was unsure how he would manage to take up Wright’s role and handle the scriptwriting department.

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Michael Douglas in Ant-Man is still the best de-aging I’ve ever seen
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Michael Douglas Called Paul Rudd A SweetHeart

Initial apprehensions of Michael Douglas were over when he got to know about Rudd more. He only had words of appreciation for him later.

“Paul is just a sweetheart. He is so kind and humble. I enjoyed seeing all the processes behind the camera. And it is important to make everyone on sets comfortable to extract their top performances”, added Michael Douglas.

Both grew quite closer to each other by the time the filming was over. Paul Rudd recalled a funny incident in one of his interviews. Rudd had grabbed the title of being the sexiest man alive. Michael Douglas messaged to wish him but ended up sending the message to Paul Reiser. Both had a huge laugh over this.

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