Paul Rudd: The actor, revenge seeker, protester, an eternal demigod with the power to always defend.

Here are some of the tweets, Reddit posts, and memes that prove Paul Rudd was the God who walked among us and brought joy during the harsh times.

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1. He’s quite unproblematic.


2. Paul’s definitely his own hero.


3. In Paul Rudd’s Time.


4. “Avengers, age up!”


5. An intelligent advice.


6. The strategy for defeating Thanos.


7. He’s one of the magic users.


8. MCU fun fact.


9. Paul Rudd’s Then vs. Now Picture.


10. The perfectionist.


11. He’s totally a certified young individual.


12. They both are very adorable.


13. Defiant toddler.


14. Just cannot perfect perfection.


15. He’s like a snack but with no expiration date.


16. Is he a vampire though?


17. Feeling old yet?


18. Rudd totally embraces his fan following.

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Aaron Chewning
Here’s Paul Rudd loving the hell out of the Foo Fighters show last night


19. A very friendly neighbour as well.

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best of rudd
🎥 | Paul Rudd was giving candy to the children on Halloween, yesterday @ New York, USA.

©️ heatherbell_nyc (instagram).


20. Vibe check.

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Collider Extras
When you remember that you don't have to deal with Thanos anymore..

(via IG | leeleeeschauffa, @barstoolsports)


21. The secret of his beauty.


22. He possesses many talents.


23. Rudd must be protected at all costs.