This month could possibly see the release of Apple’s next line of products including iPad Mini 5. And guess what? It’s fully loaded with stuff we all can’t wait for.

As hinted by The Apple Insider, the launch for Apple iPad Mini 5, AirPower charging pad, and Apple AirPods 2 will take place on March 22. This comes via a reliable source and will follow the pattern of releases followed by iPad for the last couple of years.

In 2017, the iPad was launched on March 21. This is where a teaser was released for the AirPower. The last year’s iPad release by Apple happened on 27th March in Chicago.

Apple AirPods 2: What to expect?

Apple AirPods 2- What to expect?

Apple’s AirPod 2 will see an easy-gripped coating and will be somewhat like Pixel 3’s back casing.

It is expected to look like its first version, Apple Airpod, the second gen Apple AirPod will come in black and white colours and will have an improved sound and bass, with a Siri built-in. The extra features give justice to the extra $40 Apple AirPod 2 has.

Apple AirPods 2 will come at $200 with added sensors. This will also complete the owner’s kit with its excellent fitness and health tracking.

iPad Mini 5: What’s new?

Apple iPad Mini 5- What's new?

After four long years of anticipation, Apple iPad Mini 5 is finally coming. As hinted by Mac Otakara, this new iPad will be called iPad Mini 5. It will come with the same dimensions and design, just like its predecessor.

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Apple iPad Mini 5 will boast an A10X, the same used for 4K Apple TV and iPhone 7. It may not have a USB-C port.

Apple AirPower: Features and Price

Apple AirPower- Features and Price

Finally, we may see the release of AirPower. The rumours began circulating around 2018 but got delayed by Apple due to technical issues. The AirPower will also come with many features after the release of an iOS 13.

AirPower will come at $150 with many exclusive features.