The Apple AirPods vs Xiaomi AirDots comparison might seem pointless at first considering the huge price difference between them. However, expensive is not always better and the truth is often, stranger than fiction.

Price of AirDot and AirPod

The price tag that AirPod carries is $159 to which it carries set of AirPods and a box to contain and charge them.

Then, on the other hand, AirDot is bargain comparing to the latter and is lies at $30 price. This means that it is one-fifth of the price and has similar accessories to it.

Apple AirPods made an entry to the market with a blast.
Apple AirPods have made a debut to the market and they look damn good. Credits: Digital Trends

Design and Features

While AirPod being an Apple product and carrying its legacy, it has a better design and fits to the ear perfectly. The looks of it are premium and sound quality is also good.

The AirDot, on the other hand, has an oval shape and looks bigger when plugged to the ears. But it goes over the sound quality of AirPod. It provides much better bass and treble than AirPod.

The issue with AirPod is that is best compatible with Apple products only. One earphone gets disconnected when used in other phones. It has a connectivity range of 12 meters. Battery back-up is quite good and is of 5 hours.

AirDots are a better choice and have better sound quality.
Xiaomi AirDot made an entry and at an exciting price tag of just $30. Credits: Awaqa

The AirDot on this part is far better as still there exist no error with connectivity. It has a range of 10 meters which is quite good and the battery backup is of 4 hours.

Whereas both the provide good sound quality but AirDot has an additional feature of noise cancellation. The AirPod needs the Apple lightning cable to get charged but the AirDot need no special cable. It gets charged by the usual micro USB cable.

In the end, AirDot is a better option and at a price bargain, you can opt for it. If you even want to buy the AirPod then buy 5 AirDots and gift them to your friends and family members.