Tom Holland Zendaya dating Spiderman

Rumors of Zendaya and Tom Holland dating each other are making the headlines. Most of the tabloids are hell-bent on saying that the two young actors are deep in love and dating each other. The recent old revelation is more proof that Zendaya and Tom Holland are indeed dating and in a relationship.

Zendaya is in a lot of news days due to both her professional work and personal life rumors. HBO’s Euphoria TV show is getting good response by fans, and critics are praising Zendaya’s acting abilities. Also, her next movie Spider-Man: Far From Home with Tom Holland is also getting good hype.

Start of Zendaya-Tom Holland

Last year, someone asked on Instagram whether Zendaya and Tom Holland are a thing? In response, the mother of Zendaya’s close friend and Disney star Skai Jackson’s mother confirmed it. She even stated that it has been going on for a while and the stars are keeping it low.

Zendaya and Tom Holland dating relationship

But at that time, no one took notice of it and Zendaya and Tom Holland also were hiding from the public. It all changed in May when the paparazzi clicked pictures of Tom Holland leaving Zendaya’s house in the early morning. Everyone was quick this time to add two and two, and their dating rumors spread like wildfire.

Why no one Noticed?

Zendaya and Tom Holland dating relationship

One of the biggest reasons no one considered it to be true was because Tom Holland was paired with Laura Harrier in the first Spider-Man movie. When Spider-Man: Homecoming came out, it was rumored that Liz’s character will the love interest for Peter Parker in the movie. Even in most of the press conferences, Tom and Laura were paired together.

It is why no one noticed that Tom Holland and Zendaya are dating each other. When the set photos from the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home movie were released, people began to doubt that there is something going between Tom and Zendaya.