Tom Holland, Zendaya dating

Ever since the first Spider-man movie came out, there have been reports that Tom Holland is dating her co-star Zendaya. The reports about the young stars dating started when Tom was seen leaving Zendaya’s home in the early morning.

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Although both the actors have denied about them dating, there is no smoke without any fire. The recent action of actress Zendaya has stirred the rumors again, and it looks like indeed something is going between Tom Holland and her.

Birthday Message from Zendaya

Recently, Tom Holland celebrated his 23rd birthday on June 1 with his friends and family. The young British actor was with the cast of his upcoming movie Spider-man: Far From Home for most of the time. While most of the MCU stars including Robert Downey Jr. wished him on the day, there was also a special message from her rumored dating partner Zendaya.

Zendaya tweeted a photo of Tom and herself hanging out with Jacob Batalon and her brother. In her birthday message, Zendaya thanked Tom for being in her life and called him a ‘weirdo.’ The most important part was that Zendaya used. We are lucky instead of I am lucky to avoid any new controversy.

Why is Tom-Zendaya in News?

There are always rumors and speculations as none of the actors has ever confirmed that they are dating. Zendaya has said various times that she and Tom Holland are good friends and nothing else. In a recent interview, Zendaya’s sister has rubbished any reports of Tom-Zendaya and blamed it on the media to create gossip.

One of the major reasons for Tom and Zendaya dating rumors is their upcoming movie Spider-man: Far From Home. It has always been a trend to link the co-actors of a movie or TV show to promote it. Until Tom and Zendaya themselves confirm their relationship, their dating news will just be a tabloid gossip.