Tom Holland was recently spotted at Bobby Van’s Central Park South eatery with Zendaya’s parents. Apparently, the actor was trying to charm her parents. Does this mean that the fans will soon get to hear more about the rumored couple?

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Are Tom Holland and Zendaya dating?

Well, Zendaya and Tom Holland, if not couple then definitely close friends, are often spotted chilling together. The two have been spending lots of time together. But this time Tom went ahead and spent some time with Zendaya’s parents. This could be a hint of the couple getting together in the future.

 Zendaya and Tom Holland couple relationship dating rumours
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When it comes to their relationship, the two have decided to keep their mouths shut about the matter. We all know that Zendaya is really good at keeping secrets. But media and people know everything. Even though the two refuse to admit, it is pretty clear that the two are more than just friends.

People even came up with the hashtag Tomdaya when they were spotted together. The social media was flooded with their dating news and relationship rumors with the trending hashtag Tomdaya. Still, Zendaya has not said anything about her personal life. The actress is really good at keeping secrets. She knows how to maintain a distance between her professional and personal life.

Tom Holland Zendaya dating rumours
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The fans are certain that the two are together, as is apparent from their actions. We can nothing but just be patient to hear it from them. We will keep you updated with all the news.