Tom Holland and Zendaya

Spiderman Homecoming is all set to premiere in a few weeks and the rumour mill has already started some interesting gossips. According to a few tabloids, Tom Holland and Zendaya might be in a relationship.

American singer and actress Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman started her career as a backup dancer and child model. She eventually gained prominence for her role Rocky Blue on Shake It Up, the Disney Channel sitcom (2010-2013).

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The actress was also spotted in Spiderman Homecoming and Spiderman Far From Home. She played the role of Michelle “MJ” Jones along with Tom Holland, who was seen as Spiderman. The two have been rumored to be together since then. They have been spotted romancing around the city together.

Are Zendaya and Tom Holland dating?

As per reports, the two were found dating and spent time together on the sets as well. They really care about their privacy. However, hiding something like this from media is just impossible. Zendaya posted a picture of herself and Tom Holland on the cover of “The Hollywood Reporter” on Instagram. She wrote,

Zendaya Tom Holland dating
Credits: Instagram

Amidst all the chaos and sadness…this one good thing did happen to me today. Honoured to share it with the very best…Spider-Man himself @tomholland2013 Thank you for this beautiful cover.

Future Projects involving Tom Holland and Zendaya

Zendaya Tom Holland dating Spiderman far from home
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Zendaya and Tom Holland will be spotted in Spiderman Far From Home when the movie releases in June this year. The on-screen chemistry of the couple will speak for itself. The fans are pretty excited for the movie and their wait will be over soon.

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