The crown of the most controversial celeb couple in Hollywood is worn by Zendaya and Tom Holland. The two are often referred to as ‘Tomdaya’ amongst their fans on the internet.

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Zendaya and Tom Holland dating rumours: When did Tomdaya begin?

The controversy partially stems from their silence. Not a single word on their apparent relationship has been uttered by either of them. It seems they both are great at keeping secrets (we joke, of course, Tom is horrible at this, just watch him leaking out spoilers before Infinity War!).

Tom Holland Zendaya dating Tomdaya

Anyway, the news has broken out to the media and the common folk. One thing is clear just by watching the two around each other and the way they behave- they are more than just friends.

The two work together, of course, on the MCU film “Spiderman: Far from Home”. There is a dialogue in the film that catches the eye- Tom says that the girl in the town loves me. Maybe this is hinting at something?

To fuel this further, reports have come out that say the two were seen spending an obscene amount of time in each other’s company. They would go offset together, and while both care a lot about keeping their private lives private, this important tidbit seems to have slipped out.

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Tom Holland Zendaya dating couple

The photo above shows Tom Holland and Zendaya together, looking especially radiant before an MCU Spider-man promotional event.

The apparent couple was even spotted dating around New York City by many fans. There is no photographic evidence of this, at least not yet. However, this did not stop their fans from flooding social media with the hashtag Tomdaya. And subsequently, news of their dating and relationship spread pretty much all around the globe.