Iron Man in Spider-Man Far From Home

[fvplayer id=”1873″]Spider-Man: Far From Home is now less than a month away from hitting the theaters and the hype is getting really good. More and more trailers and posters are released for the film along with promotional tours and interviews. Tom Holland, Jack Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, Samuel L. Jackson, etc are always the main guests at one or the other talk show.

The most important character missing from last time is Tony Stark aka Iron Man played by the legendary Robert Downey Jr. Last time, Tony Stark had an extended cameo in the first Spider-Man which made it popular. Given Iron Man died in the events of Infinity War, it doesn’t mean he can’t have a cameo in future movies. Here are the possible ways Tony Stark can appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home, via a flashback or an illusion.

Tony Stark in a Flashback

Iron Man in Spider-Man Far From Home

In most of the comic book movie, no character is dead permanently, it could be a ruse, an evil doppelganger or maybe some memory. There are high chances Tony Stark appears in Spider-Man: Far From Home movie via a flashback of Peter Parker’s memory. There is so much that happened between the events of Homecoming and Infinity War, which is around 2 years.

Even in Avengers: Endgame, we see the picture of Tony and Peter at the Stark Internship event, which was a major focus point. Tony Stark could help Spider-Man in a dilemma, inspire him to do the greater good.

Illusion of Mysterio

Iron Man in Spider-Man Far From Home

The second most speculated way to have Robert Downey Jr. in the next Spider-Man movie is through an illusion. We all know that Mysterio is famous for creating fake images to manipulate people, it would be no surprise if he takes the form of Tony Stark to mess with Peter. Further evident suggest that Mysterio models himself after Iron Man and Thor to take their place in the world.

During the end of the movie, it could happen that Mysterio is about to lose, so he takes the form of Tony Stark to distract Spider-Man. Also, it would make sense, and also test the good nature of Peter in Spider-Man: Far From Home.