How to Watch WWE NXT Online

Considering that WWE SmackDown will now move to the Fox Network starting the next week, WWE decided to bring their WWE NXT brand to USA Network to compensate for this transfer! Let us take a closer look at how you can watch WWE NXT online and live stream it for free!

How to Live Stream WWE NXT
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Before we delve deeper into this, the show would air only between 8PM and 9PM ET if you plan to watch it on TV. The second hour is online-only and can be watched over the WWE Network. However, starting 2nd of October, both the hours of WWE NXT will be aired on TV.

How to Watch WWE NXT Online and Live Stream it?

Fans of WWE NXT have a mixed reaction about the show going to TV. Many fear it would kill the unique feel that it has! However, it has finally happened and the first episode was quite exciting. Those looking forward to watching WWE NXT Online can watch it on the WWE Network. The first month over there is free, and from the second month onwards you need to pay $9.99 per month.

WWE NXT Watch Online
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In addition to WWE NXT, you can also watch WWE Raw and SmackDown online on the WWE Network, as well as all the PPV events that the company produces (the most recent one is coming next weekend – Hell in a Cell).

205 Live Being Merged with WWE NXT?

Watch WWE NXT online and Live Stream for Free
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On another interesting note, there had been rumors on some WWE Talent being sent to NXT to help the brand get a push in its early days. It now appears that the entire 205 Live show will be merged with NXT – as it will bring down WWE’s costs of production of 205 live while also add more intrigue and star power to NXT!