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John Cena’s WWE Retirement has been a subject of much debate. Many have wondered if time is up for the leader of Cenation and is he going to retire. Some have even seen his Hollywood shift similar to that of The Rock. The big question now is – will Big Match John appear at the ‘RAW Reunion’ Show on the 22nd of July?

John Cena WWE Raw Reunion
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Let us see if this possible and what would his absence mean?

Cena NOT Appearing on RAW Reunion?

While a number of names have been advertised for the RAW Reunion episode, there is one name which is conspicuously missing. John Cena. WWE’s poster boy for over a decade, Cena is still among the most popular names in the company – but the problem is – we haven’t seen him have a proper match in a long, long time.

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Cena appears once every while for a gimmick match and then disappears – just like The Rock when he was transitioning to the Hollywood. His absence on WWE’s RAW Reunion episode is another hint that Cena is indeed retiring.

Is John Cena Retiring from the WWE?

John Cena WWE
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Wrestlers never retire. They fade away. They are forgotten. And then they return to a loud pop. This has been the case with practically every major name in WWE. John Cena retiring seems like a possibility, but it is 100% certain that we are going to see him return to the ring for a proper match – for one last hurrah sooner rather than later! Stay tuned with us for more on this.